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Food Program

Our Role
The role of Eastern Idaho Public Health's Food Program is to help food establishments provide safe food to the public. Today's consumers expect clean, wholesome, and safe food from all food establishments. An effective food safety program needs to complement and support the operator's efforts to provide these amenities to the public.

The Food Program at EIPH is focused on assuring that all foods served to the public are safe from source to service, ensuring all steps and processes in between are in accordance with the Idaho Food Code.

This is accomplished by inspections of food establishments, verifying food managers and supervisors have necessary training, and answering food related questions. Each food establishment which serves or sells food that requires time or temperature control for safety (TCS foods) must be licensed prior to opening.



Recent Study:

Norovirus Transmission in Food Establishments

Food Safety Training

Accredited Food Protection Manager Required! (as of July 1, 2018):
Links to organizations who offer nationally accredited certified food protection manager examinations (as required by Idaho Food Code 2-102.12 (A):
The Idaho Food Safety Exam (meets demonstration of knowledge as required by Idaho Food Code
2-102.11 (B)):

For More Information
For general information about Eastern Idaho Public Health's Food program, please contact:

Environmental Health Program
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Fax 208-528-0857

Or, you can contact the Environmental Health Specialist in your county for assistance.

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