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Solid Waste Program

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Proper management of solid waste during collection, storage, transportation and finally disposal must to be taken seriously if we are to protect the public's health and ensure a quality environment in the future.

Solid waste management includes source reduction, on-site and off-site recycling, storage, collection, transportation, processing and disposal. Improper management, indiscriminate dumping, failure of the collection system, and improper final disposal of solid wastes would soon cause many problems.

Odors, flies, vectors, wandering dogs and cats, pollution of water (surface and ground), fires and air pollution would occur and dispel any remaining doubts of the importance of proper solid waste storage, collection, and disposal.

For More Information
For general information about Eastern Idaho Public Health's Solid Waste program, please contact:

Environmental Health Program
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Fax 208-528-0857

You may also contact the Environmental Health Specialist in your county for assistance.

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