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Environmental Health Division

Environmental Health continues to be one of the major issues facing our society. Citizen interest and demands for solutions to environmental health problems are at an all time high. However, at the same time people want less government interference and fewer regulations in their lives.

Environmental Health recognizes the connection between human health and the health of our environment. Therefore, the Environmental Health Division of Public Health strives to prevent disease and injury through control and protection of environmental factors such as water, air, and food.

The following services/programs are offered through Eastern Idaho Public Health's Environmental Health Division:

Air Quality Program Child Care Program

Air Quality Program Home Page


Child Care Program Home Page

Idaho Child Care Rules

Forms / Resources


Drinking Water Program Food Program


Drinking Water Program Home Page


Idaho Cottage Food Information

Food Program Home Page

Idaho Food Code

Forms / Resources


Land Development Program Pool Program

Land Development Home Page


Pool Program Home Page

Idaho Pool Rules

Forms / Resources


Septic Program Solid Waste Program

Septic Program Home Page

Forms / Resources


Solid Waste Program Home Page

Idaho Solid Waste Rules



Other Resources

Health and Safety Issues Resource Guide
Staff at EIPH receive many inquires about issues that are outside of our jurisdiction. We have compiled a Health and Safety Issues Resource Guide that provides contact information for many different agencies.

For More Information
For general information about Eastern Idaho Public Health's Environmental Health programs, please call:

Environmental Health Program
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Fax 208-528-0857

Or, you can contact the Environmental Health Specialist in your county for assistance.

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