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Immunization Services

Reliable Sources of Immunization Information

The two public health interventions that have had the greatest impact on the world's health are clean water and vaccines. Vaccines have prevented serious illnesses and death for millions of children and adults every year. But there is still a long way to go. Immunizations,  the most cost-effective public health intervention, continue to be under-used.

To Make an Appointment
Eastern Idaho Public Health offers immunizations for children and adults by appointment. Find the public health office nearest you to call for an appointment.

Vaccine for Children
Idaho is a Vaccine for Children (VFC) state, which means no child will be denied immunization services based on an inability to pay. At Eastern Idaho Public Health, insured children will have their insurance company billed for the services received.

Adult & Foreign Travel Vaccinations

  • Insurance (if applicable): As a courtesy, EIPH will bill your primary insurance for some services; however,
  • EIPH is not a preferredprovider for all insurances. It is recommended that you check with your health insurance regarding coverage. Client/guarantor will be billed for any remaining balances after insurance has been processed
  • Medicare (if applicable): EIPH will bill Medicare for flu and pneumonia vaccinations. All other vaccines are the responsibility of the client

Click here for the Immunization Fee Schedule for Children and Adults/Foreign Travel.

Vaccine Patient Assistance Program
Because very limited public funding is available in the United States to provide vaccines to uninsured adults, EIPH has the ability to provide vaccines to uninsured adults. To see if you qualify for this patient assistance program, please call EIPH's Immunization Program at (208) 533-3235.

Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records
Please bring your immunization record to all immunization appointments. Click here for some useful tips.

For More Information
If you have a question or would like more information about Immunization services provided at Eastern Idaho Public Health, please contact:

Immunization Department
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 533-3235


Contact the Idaho CareLine at 2-1-1.