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Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

Our Mission

teens To decrease teen pregnancies in Idaho, the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) program aims to provide youth and their parents with access to sexual health education. Studies find that sexual health education helps teens delay sexual activity, use condoms and birth control correctly, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy in Idaho
Unplanned teen pregnancies cost Idaho taxpayers approximately 39 million dollars a year in Medicaid, foster care, and incarceration. These figures are not surprising given that children born from teen pregnancies often have poorer mental and physical health compared to children born from planned adult pregnancies.

Please visit www.idahoteenpregnancy.com for information on teen pregnancy in Idaho for teens and parents:

  • saying no
  • STI's
  • birth control
  • facts
  • links
For more information on helping you give "the talk" to your adolescent,
please visit our Families Talking Together page.

Reducing the Risk School Curriculum
To support the goals and objectives of the APP program, each health district in Idaho is implementing the Reducing the Risk (RTR) curriculum within partnering schools.

  • Reducing the Risk:
    • is a skills-based curriculum designed to help teens prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STI’s, including HIV
  • RTR delivers and reinforces these clear messages:
    • Abstinence is the best and safest choice
    • Youth should avoid unprotected sex
    • Youth should always use protection if they have sex
young couple
  • RTR teaches:
    • risk-assessment
    • communication
    • decision-making and planning skills
    • refusal strategies and delay tactics
  • RTR is effective:
    • Rigorously evaluated to have a measurable impact on behavior
    • Increased knowledge
    • Increased parent-child communication
  • Students participating in RTR will be able to:
    • Evaluate the risks and lasting consequences of becoming a teen parent or getting an STI
    • Recognize that abstaining from sex or using protection are the only ways to avoid pregnancy and STI’s
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills for remaining abstinent or avoiding unprotected sexyoung couple2
  • Skills and Information Taught in RTR:
    • Abstinence – not having sex
    • Avoiding high-risk situations
    • Preventing HIV and other STI’s
    • HIV risk behaviors
    • Sticking with abstinence and protection
    • Refusal skills and delay tactics practiced through roleplays
    • The more students effectively say no to sex, or to unprotected sex, the more likely they will be to use these skills in real life

For More Information
For more information about the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program at Eastern Idaho Public Health, or if you would like to help get the "Reducing the Risk" curriculum into your school, please contact:

Alison Cruz
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator
E-mail: acruz@eiph.idaho.gov


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