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Cancer Programs


Eastern Idaho Cancer


February is National Cancer Prevention Month

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses linked to multiple health conditions, including six different types of cancer. About 14 million people, including teens, become infeted with HPV each year. Fortunately, there is a vaccine available to prevent HPV infection.

  • Click here for the press release with dates for No Cost HPV clinics at our EIPH offices.

  • Click here for a Cervical cancer fact sheet.

Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
Eastern Idaho Public Health and the State of Idaho Comprehensive Cancer Control Program works to increase community awareness of all aspects of cancer including: prevention, early detection, screening guidelines, treatment, and survivorship. This is accomplished through partnership development, media campaigns, healthcare provider education, worksite campaigns, and community-based programs and events. Major areas of focus include colorectal cancer and skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Programs
The skin cancer program strives to increase awareness of the disease and the importance of prevention and early detection. It is primarily an education based program utilizing sun safety strategies. It is promoted to worksites, church groups, schools, child care facilities, recreational areas, and the community.

Partnership Development
Eastern Idaho Public Health is proud to be a part of the Comprehensive Cancer Alliance of Idaho.

The Comprehensive Cancer Alliance for Idaho (CCAI) is a partnership between many dedicated individuals and organizations from healthcare and professional organizations, cancer-related and other non-profit organizations, and individuals touched by cancer. The Alliance is working to reduce the number of preventable cancers and decrease late stage diagnosis of treatable and survivable forms of cancer by improving screening rates in Idaho and to improve the quality of life of Idahoans impacted by cancer.

CCAI was formed to achieve its goals through the development and implementation of an Idaho Comprehensive Cancer Strategic Plan.  https://www.ccaidaho.org/

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For More Information
For more information about Eastern Idaho Public Health's Cancer Prevention and Control programs,
please contact:

Timalee Geisler
Cancer Control Program Coordinator
E-mail: tgeisler@eiph.idaho.gov

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