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Idaho Underage Drinking Prevention Program

Let's help them make good choices.

Eastern Idaho Public Health has the exciting opportunity to offer a free online alcohol education course for youth and parents. To learn more visit 3rd Millennium Classroom. If you would like to enroll in the alcohol education courses, please follow the instructions on the enrollment form here.

Research suggests children who feel close to their parents are less likely to drink. Fifteen minutes of one-on-one time together each day is a way to help your child with the day to day challenges they face. The 30-Day Parent Challenge has a list of ideas to engage your child/children daily. Download the 30-Day Parent Challenge here.

Idaho’s BeTheParents.org has resources to help recognize warning signs of underage drinking, how to talk with kids about alcohol, a plan to remove themselves from an unsafe situation, and evidence-based research that shows some of the consequences of underage drinking (including unplanned and unwanted sexual activity, brain impairment, and even death).

BeTheParents also has ideas to help encourage teens to pursue their passion. Having a passion or hobby can reduce stress and boost self-confidence along with developing a positive self-image. Engaging in a healthy hobby reduces opportunities for unsafe activities such as underage drinking. Other ideas and resources to help your child find their passion can be found here. If you would like to help your teen find their purpose in life please visit Center for Parent & Teen Communication.

Click below to learn more about underage drinking:

If your teen is currently drinking here are some resources:

Family Resources:
The Family Board Meeting
18 Summers
The X-Plan Parenting
Botvin LifeSkills Program

For more information, please contact:
Mallory Johnson

Partnership for Success Project Coordinator
(208) 533-3221

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