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Idaho Healthcare System Preparedness Program

Our Mission
Idaho’s Healthcare System Preparedness Program is funded through the ASPR Program and is now entering its ninth year.  ASPR is the acronym for Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.  It functions directly under the Department of Health and Human Services and provides emergency preparedness and response activities for hospitals, EMS, tribal, and rural health clinics to prepare for events related to infectious disease, natural or man-made disasters, and other public health emergencies.  Grant funding is allotted for the purchase of equipment or training needed to enhance healthcare entities ability to respond to an emergency in the eight county Eastern Idaho Public Health.
disaster response

Program Guidelines
ASPR requires that specific guidelines be met:

  • The Eastern Idaho Public Health Liaison must coordinate and facilitate a Regional Healthcare System Planning Group. This group is comprised of representatives from our eight county region’s hospitals, EMS, county emergency managers, county coroners, funeral home directors, INL, Homeland Security, and the healthcare liaison from Eastern Idaho Public Health. Our goal is to plan and provide for the health and safety of our region.

  • All participants must be compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). 

  • ASPR Grant funding allows the purchase of equipment to help the region be prepared to respond to an emergency. There are generators in each county, one of which is large enough to power a hospital. Ventilators for hospitals and EMS units, three Mass Care Trailers, three Mass Fatality Trailers, oxygen generators to produce medical oxygen, radios, isolation equipment, PPE, hospital evacuation equipment and EMS Trauma Jump Kits.  The mobile light plant generators are requested and used by search and rescue, fire/EMS and law enforcement to light the scene for river rescues, crash sites on the interstate and evacuations due to flooding. The EMS Trauma Kits enable volunteer EMS the ability to “grab and go” and respond quickly to on scene incidents.

  • The Regional Healthcare Planning Group is supported to build medical surge capacity and jointly plan, train and exercise.  Focus activities include awareness of each other’s capabilities and capacities; signed memorandums of understanding to allow the sharing of resources; identify preparedness and response gaps; plan for the medical surge needs of at-risk populations in the event of a public health emergency and develop and update the Regional Healthcare Surge Capacity Plan for the region.

Learn More about ASPR
Click here to learn more about ASPR and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Public Health Emergency program.

For More Information
For more information about the Idaho Healthcare System Preparedness Program at Eastern Idaho Public Health, please contact:

Holly Peterson, RN
Hospital Liaison
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
E-mail: hpeterson@eiph.idaho.gov


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