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Public Health Preparedness Program

Planning Training Healthcare Preparedness

Our Mission
The Public Health Preparedness program at Eastern Idaho Public Health was established in 2002 to expand the district's capabilities to plan for - and respond to - public health emergencies in Bonneville, Clark, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, and Teton counties. The objective of the program is to enhance the District's ability to respond to, and recover from, a catastrophic event, such as an act of bioterrorism, communicable disease outbreak, or other public health threat, and increase the District's ability to protect the publics' health on a daily basis.

This mission includes helping our communities and families be prepared for just such an event.

As an individual, there are many things you can do to help your family and community be prepared. Protect yourself against everyday health hazards such as excessive summer heat, freezing winter temperatures, influenza and West Nile virus. Learn more about the threats currently facing your community and our nation. You can take simple disaster planning steps now that can help prevent disease and injury during an emergency. Be informed of how your community is preparing and find ways to help. EIPH can be a valuable resource to get you started on making you, your family and Eastern Idaho more prepared for a public health disaster. Contact any of our staff for more information.

For More Information
For more information about the Public Health Preparedness Program at Eastern Idaho Public Health, please contact:

Troy Nelson
Director; Health Preparedness, Promotion, and Surveillance Division
Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
E-mail: tnelson@eiph.idaho.gov

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