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Living Well in Idaho Program

FREE Living Well in Idaho workshops can put life back in your life!

What is the Living Well in Idaho Program?
An empowering approach to managing chronic conditions, the Living Well in Idaho workshops are for people with ongoing health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, emphysema, heart conditions, high blood pressure, MS, etc.  These workshops provide opportunities for discussion and problem solving in a mutually supportive setting.

The Basics
This program has a practical, interactive curriculum that include workshops on the following topics:

  • Working with your doctor
  • Medication “how to’s”
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • Managing symptoms
  • Improving communications
  • Tips for eating well
  • Setting weekly goals
  • Effective problem-solving
  • Personalizing a fitness & exercise program
elderly woman

Developed in the early 1990s by the Stanford Center for Research in Patient Education, Living Well in Idaho is based on a successful arthritis self-management program. It is a credible, “evidence-based” program with broad experience and demonstrated results in a variety of settings, populations, and chronic conditions that is currently used in over 39 U.S. states as well as internationally in 15 countries.

Keys to Success

  • The format addresses specific problems and goals for people with ongoing health problems.  It is not a drop-in support group.
  • The workshops are not prescriptive. Participants choose their own goals and track their own progress toward success. 
  • Trained peer leaders offer guidance and support, but participants find practical solutions individually and together.

Living Well in Idaho Workshops May Be For You, If You…

  • Are aged 55 or older with long-term health conditions, such as:
    • arthritis
    • diabetes
    • asthma
    • high blood pressure
    • heart disease
    • cancer
    • chronic pain
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • and others
  • Feel limited in your day to day activities
  • Feel tired, alone, or fearful
  • Are looking for better ways to manage your symptoms
  • Live or care for those with these conditions

Here’s What Older Adults Say After Attending the Workshops

Elderly Woman Baking with Child

"I was tired. My pain was my boss. It was telling me what I could and couldn't do. Living Well in Idaho workshops put me back in charge."

"Now I have the energy to do the things that matter. I am calmer and more confident about my health. I got relief from my pain."

"I put life back in my life."

Interested in Attending the Workshops?
Living Well in Idaho Workshops are held for 2 ½ hours once a week for 6 weeks. Participants must call to register for these workshops.

To join a FREE Living Well in Idaho Workshop in your area contact:

Bonneville County
Frank Stees: (208) 520-5235
Sharon Stees: (208) 521-2517

Upper Valley Area
Brenda Franson (208) 201-4615

2013 Living Well Workshops

Register for one of these FREE 6 -week workshop by calling Brenda at (208) 201-4615

Starts October 2nd
Meets Wednesdays, 1:00-3:30 PM

Learning Resource Center, Madison Memorial Annex
35 North 1st East, Rexburg, Idaho
Starts October 14th
Meets Mondays, 10AM-12:30PM

Madison Memorial Hospital, Meeting Room
450 East Main Street, Rexburg, Idaho

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