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Health & Safety Issues Resource Guide

Listed below are resources for various environmental health topics, as well as contact information for agencies who deal with environmental health issues.

If you have a question not addressed in this guide, please contact:

Kellye Johnson
Director, Environmental Health Division
E-mail: kjohnson@eiph.idaho.gov

Health Issues/Topics




EIPH Air Quality Program

Field Burning

Industrial Hygiene Resources

Meth Labs

Mold - For Info Call (800) 445-8647




EIPH Food Program

Food Safety

Idaho Food Code

Restaurants: Who Cleans Hoods?

Hank's Hot Washes - 208-339-1624


EIPH's Family & Community Health Services Division

Bed Bugs

Head Lice



Pharmaceutical Take-Back Programs

  • Clark County Sheriffs Office: 208-374-5403
  • Custer County Courthouse 208-879-2232; Mackay City Hall 208-879-2232
  • Fremont (St. Anthony) Police Department 208-705-6365
  • Idaho Falls Police Dept.: 208-612-8655
  • Jefferson County Sheriffs Office 208-745-9210
  • Lemhi County Sheriffs Office 208-756-8980
  • Madison Police Department 208-359-3008
  • Teton County Sheriffs Office 208-354-2323

Links of Interest


  EIPH's Septic Program

EIPH's Solid Waste Program

Asbestos Removal

Compost Operation - Flies and Smells

Hazardous Waste

Recycling in Idaho



EIPH's Water Program

Cryptosporidiosis (Crypto)

Lead Poison Fact Sheet - En Espanol

Public Water Systems - Department of Environmental Quality

Plumbing Bureau

Swimming Pools

Environmental Health-Related Agencies

Phone Number
Army Corp of Engineers

Walla Walla District
(509) 527-7020

wetland delineation

stream alteration

Attorney General
(208) 334-2400
Bureau of Occupational Licenses
(208) 334-3233
tattoo parlors; infection from tattoo shop--referred to IBOL

County Extension Offices

Bonneville County Extension: (208) 529-1390
Custer County Extension: (208) 879-2344
Fremont County Extension: (208) 624-3102
Lemhi County Extension: (208) 756-2815 x283
Madison County Extension: (208) 359-6200
Teton County Extension: (208) 354-2961

pressure cooker testing

How long can you keep canned items?

County Planning and Zoning Offices

Bonneville County Office: (208) 524-7924
Clark County Office: (208) 374-5304
Custer County Office: (208) 879-6894
Fremont County Office: (208) 624-4643
Jefferson County Office: (208) 745-1387
Lemhi County Office: (208) 756-2815
Madison County Office: (208) 356-6260
Teton County Office: (208) 354-2593

local land development authorities

minimum lot size


Idaho Underground Injection Control Program (IDWR)
(208) 334-2190

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Region 10 (AK, ID, WA)

EPA Hotline: (800) 424-4372


Eastern Idaho Public Health

(208) 522-0310
Plumbing Bureau
(208) 332-7154
Public Health Districts    
State of Idaho Agencies

Department of Environmental Quality

Idaho Falls Regional Office

(208) 373-0502

(208) 528-2650


2-1-1 or
(208) 528-5800

(208) 332-3570
unemployment benefits

Department of Transportation

District 6 Transportation Planning Division

(208) 334-8000

(208) 745-7781


located in Rigby

Email questions to : IDWRInfo@idwr.idaho.gov

(208) 525-7161

water rights

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