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Prevention SubCommittee Information

Partnership for Success (PFS) Grant

The PFS subcommittee is a committee of the Region 7 Behavioral Health Board tasked with providing oversight of the Partnership for Success Grant. The committee is made up of community members and professionals with common interests in the Partnership For Success grant making the biggest possible positive impact on the families served. This committee works in conjunction with the project coordinator to develop multiple strategies to prevent underage drinking across the region. The committee also makes critical project recommendations and participates in decision making for the annual budget, programming, media campaign strategies, education components, and makes sure there is equity in service delivery across the region.

Committee Contacts

Ashley Billman
PFS Committee Chair

James Corbett
Community Health Division Director

2019 Meeting Dates Agendas/Meeting Materials Minutes
December (TBD)    
November 22, 2019 11/22/19 Meeting Materials 11/22/19 Minutes
October 29, 2019 10/29/19 Agenda 10/29/19 Minutes
July 8, 2019 07/08/19 Agenda 07/08/19 Minutes
June 10, 2019 06/10/19 Agenda 06/10/19 Minutes
April 22, 2019 04/22/19 Agenda 04/22/19 Minutes
April 8, 2019 04/8/19 Agenda 04/8/19 Minutes
March 11, 2019 03/11/19 Agenda 03/11/19 Minutes
February 28, 2019 02/28/19 Agenda 2/28/19 Minutes